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These are common metrics used in social media analytics to keep track of how well a social media page or channel is performing. 

Impressions is a count of how many times for content has been seen. This is like the view count on a video, but also applies to how many times your post appeared on people’s social media feeds or someone otherwise could be assumed to have seen your content. 

Reach is also known as “unique impressions,” and counts how many individual accounts have viewed your content. While a single user could have seen a post multiple times (each of those views counts as an impression), reach tells you roughly how many unique, individual people have seen your post.

Engagement is a summary of the number of times people interacted with your post in any way, as opposed to just passively scrolling past it. Common engagement mechanisms include liking a post, sharing, opening a link, clicking to view a photo/video, or leaving a comment. 

Reactions counts how many likes (or other reactions) your posts received across different channels. Examples would be Facebook reactions (), Instagram likes, and Twitter favorites. 

Clicks tells you how many times users clicked on your post to view the content or to open a link.

Influence (shares) relates to users sharing your content to their followers, and how widely its reach expands based on how many shares occurred and the audience sizes of sharers.  

Buzz is a calculation regarding your business being discussed online. It counts posts people tag you in online, or tag your post with something directly related to you or your brand. 

One thing to keep in mind is that different platforms treat these metrics slightly differently, meaning figures may not be 100% precise, they may come with a slight time delay, and not every metric is available on each site. In those cases, we do our best to provide you with the closest information available through calculations of our own. However, the important thing is not to focus on each digit, but to leverage IntellaSphere’s recommendations and analytics dashboard to keep track of trends and to strive for sustainable growth over time.

As you see which posts perform the best and drive the most traffic to your website, you can tailor content to what your fans want to see, which in turn will increase their engagement with your posts and affinity for your brand.

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