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Get a jump start on your social media marketing with IntellaSphere. We’ve got you covered from the basics to best practices!

Social media marketing is about more than just gaining followers.

Your commitment to Content Marketing becomes relevant to followers who not only engage but also identify with the experiences, announcements and interests you’re actively sharing.

When done right, businesses can use their social media to produce new leads for themselves regularly.

Full-cycle content marketing means you’re always learning & improving.

Start with channel-specific strategies: First consider your marketing mix — including target audiences, channels to reach them, and content that matters to them. Are you using these strategies to grow your brand awareness? It’s time to define and create “good content, and then use social amplification, to reach as many prospects as possible.

Cross-channel marketing: Be present on multiple different channels. You want to be able to talk to the different groups of people that might reside on each channel. People are looking for slightly different types of content in different places, so you want to be hitting them in as many places as possible and trying different types of content to see what works best.

Content to post: There are two different types, personalized content which
is for your audience and for their benefit, like something that people might find interesting or entertaining related to what you do, these could be memes, jokes, or other playful content. Then there’s informational content
which are things like articles blogs, infographics, fun facts, or something
presenting valuable information.

Organically growing reach: Expanding your reach with IntellaSphere is easy when you sign up friends, family, or fans of your business as your Brand Promoters who are willing to help spread the word about your communications and help build your reputation online. Your Brand Promoters will receive alerts and notifications from IntellaSphere when you post a relevant offer, event or other activity that you want them to amplify. From the alert they can react and share it to their channels and friends, while boosting your engagement!

Learn from our webinar

Our 1-hour tutorial will take you through how you can set yourself up for this as well. We’ll take you through the importance of social media marketing: how you can set up and establish your presence online, grow your followers & awareness, and tell your story through your content.

Take charge of your social media with the IntellaSphere toolkit!

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