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IntellaSphere Release Notes

IntellaSphere's product team posts all releases, upgrades, improvements and bug fixes for users here.

Have any issues to report or need help with setup? Do not hesitate to reach out to us at

Bug Fixes and Stability Improvements - October 4, 2019

Bug Fixes - October 2, 2019

Overall System Upgrades, CRM Improvements and Major Bug Fixes - September 28, 2019

Oct-4-2019 | Notes

Bug Fixes and Stability Improvements

  • Revised button layout on engagement and social post cards for clarity and usability. Removed distribution buttons from sample engagements.
  • Fixed issues with editing and importing connections in the CRM.
  • Fixed bugs with amplification and content templates.
  • Renamed "New" tabs in Leads & Influencers to "Prospective," for clarity purposes.
  • Fixed issue where Brand Kit previews would not work properly first time user logged in.
  • Renamed Posts section in Settings to "Posts & Content" for easier navigation.
  • Fixed bug where LinkedIn posts would not load.
  • Fixed issues with updating payment information.

Oct-2-2019 | Notes

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved issue where updating one Company Info section clears the others.
  • Fixed image duplication issue in Media Library.
  • Responsiveness improvements in Leads and Connection Labs.
  • Multi-brand (Agency) account stability improvements
  • Resolved test email issues.

Sept-28-2019 | Notes

Overall System Upgrades

  • Improved mobile accessibility and responsiveness to major parts of the app, including engagement creation and the Start Wizard. Now you can use IntellaSphere on the go!
  • Added better instructional overlays and integrated links to FAQ/Learn materials within the app.
  • Introduced Amplification support to existing engagements and posts. Now you can amplify posts you make outside the app, or drive your supporters to content you've created in the past.
  • Improved permission and role management functionalities for multi-user accounts, allowing you to select roles with access permissions which best fit your organization's needs. Learn more here.

CRM Improvements

  • Improved Import Connections process to make moving your contacts easy, including duplicate/error handling, more informative progress updates, bug fixes, and overall experience improvements.
  • Various bug and quality-of-life fixes, including filtering problems and social connection issues.

Major Bug Fixes

  • Resolved recent issues with connecting LinkedIn accounts.
  • Fixed bug where brand kit would get reset by updating company information.
  • Resolved issues with video uploads.
  • Improved stability for social media post feeds and interactions.
  • Template stability improvements.

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