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Welcome to the latest IntellaSphere news. We also invite you to visit our blog for newsworthy perspectives and best practices.

3 Key Tips on Social Media Content Templates - October 20, 2019

4 Best Practices for Community Management - October 1, 2019

IntellaSphere Announced Agency Offering and Expanded Leadership Team - June 4, 2019

IntellaSphere Launched First Brand Affinity Marketing System - January 24, 2019

3 Key Tips on Social Media Content Templates


OCTOBER 20, 2019

As noted by most social media marketing guides, consistency is key. Maintaining an active, engaging presence is what will help you build a digital community, expand your presence, and ultimately, build connections that will lead to sales.

But it's not just posting in itself that's key to this effort - maintaining consistency in your social updates is also a key element, as each update, each tweet and each story frame can be used to further your branding, and help establish your presence. Using similar colors, similar tones, the same fonts - each of these should be considered, and for most, that will also mean establishing content templates, which can help on this front.

This is an element that's often taken for granted, or even forgotten - yet, templates matter because they help you communicate your business or organization more consistently and efficiently.

Establishing brand templates should be a key consideration for all businesses looking to establish their social media presence - and while it may well be something that you already use yourself, within your own posting practices, it's also worth highlighting core templates across your organization and making them a focus.

Three Key Tips:

  1. Develop consistent company-wide, service or campaign details
  2. Coordinate all kinds of marketing activities through templates
  3. Rely on templates to market consistently across social posts, emails and your website

Get into a "template mindset" - Read More

3 Key Tips on Social Media Content Templates, and Why You Need to Use Them in Your Efforts

4 Best Practices for Community Management


OCTOBER 1, 2019

While content marketing has become an essential consideration for all businesses, it's interesting to note that most content marketing activities focus specifically on publishing schedules and getting things posted.

But there's more to content than just the publication of branded material in itself. If your goals are to increase engagement, and create prospects, then community management should also be a key driver of your content activities.

To help with this, we've established a listing of four essential community management practices which will better enable you to take action, and drive growth online. In our experience, focusing on these key activities will see you spend less time creating your content, and more time making your digital appearances work more effectively for you, by focusing on what matters most - keeping up with your reputation, responsiveness and reactions... and keeping those interested in you more interested than ever.

Here's how they work - Read More

4 Best Practices for Community Management

IntellaSphere Announces Agency Offering and Expanded Leadership Team

Adds four key executives and two board members, creates Edgytal partnership


IntellaSphere's Brand Affinity Marketing System, an all-in-one digital marketing solution which helps businesses turn their supporters into active brand promoters, has released a multi-account agency edition.

"While we already deliver a single-brand marketing solution for businesses," explained Bruce Worrall, CEO of IntellaSphere, "agencies and marketing services asked for an easier way to manage multiple accounts to support their clients." The new Brand Affinity Marketing System Agency Edition starts at $299/month for up to six business brands.

An affiliate sales program, in partnership with AvantLink, is now available to pay marketers a generous sales commission when their site visitors and clients sign up for IntellaSphere's marketing system.

IntellaSphere has rapidly expanded its resources and leadership team.

To meet demand, the company has agreed in principle to acquire Edgytal, a Mumbai-based digital marketing agency serving U.S, Canadian and Indian clients. "We're pleased to join forces and support IntellaSphere's growth," said Aditya Mehta, Managing Director of Edgytal.

Along with Edgytal resources, four key executives joined founders Bruce Worrall and Vijay Masina on the management team.

  • Debby Richman, Chief Marketing Officer, brings experience driving digital growth at, and LookSmart.
  • Shane Bornstein, VP Marketing Solutions, served as GM at and led sales at Local Metro Leads, BattleCat, FiveStars and Verizon Information Services.
  • Aditya Mehta, VP Business Development, joins from Edgytal. Earlier he was CEO at TipStop and, and Head of Retail Business at Asit Mehta Investments. He earned his MBA from the London Business School.
  • Tom Virgin, Chief Financial Officer, has scaled public and private companies at Hipcricket, Talyst, WizKids and served as SVP/Controller at Seafirst Bank.

IntellaSphere's Board of Directors includes Colleen Brown and Ivan Braiker. Brown has served as CEO, Fisher Communications; SVP, A.H. Belo; and Chairman, American Apparel, and is currently founder of Marca Global. Braiker previously served as CEO at Hipcricket and Ominto, President at Northwest Broadcasting and Olympia Broadcasting, and Chairman of Vega Performance Marketing.

About IntellaSphere:  IntellaSphere helps businesses market more effectively using a socially collaborative approach. Our Brand Affinity Marketing System builds brand awareness and recognition with your prospects and strengthens brand loyalty with your customers. It’s an all-in-one service that’s simple, affordable and effective.

IntellaSphere Launches the First Brand Affinity Marketing System

Breakthrough SaaS application helps businesses build brand awareness, attachment and sales demand, by expanding their sphere of influence.


Today IntellaSphere is unveiling their new all-in-one Brand Affinity Marketing System as a practical and affordable solution for organizations seeking to grow their digital fans, prospects and customers far more efficiently — and turn them into active brand influencers and promoters.

“We recognize that every business is a brand, every person is a brand influencer and that brand affinity drives demand. Our goal is to serve as the missing link between consumers who express their affinity and businesses, so both can benefit directly,” explained Bruce Worrall, CEO of IntellaSphere.

Through the Brand Affinity Marketing System, businesses of any size can tap into their prospects and customers who, in turn, grow more attached to the brand. Businesses are able to invite their supporters to become brand promoters, who then receive opportunities to share within their own social circles. All marketing communications are managed by the businesses.

System users may communicate with prospects, leads, customers and influencers using any social, web or email channel. The service is designed for non-experts and end users who want to create, distribute and track campaigns, offers, events, surveys, newsletters or other marketing activities.

IntellaSphere helps businesses frustrated by the time required to work though numerous marketing channels, as well as the cost of “pay to play” ad models with Facebook and Google. According to Worrall, “we keep listening to the complaints of businesses and non-profits, and have responded with a solution to meet these holy grail challenges of cost-effective digital marketing.”

The IntellaSphere Brand Affinity Marketing System is available online at, and may be trialed without any credit card. After 30 days, the newly-launched service costs $49/month. Any business or organization is invited to try the "digital marketing system for the rest of us.”

About IntellaSphere:  IntellaSphere helps businesses market more effectively using a socially collaborative approach. Our Brand Affinity Marketing System builds brand awareness and recognition with your prospects and strengthens brand loyalty with your customers. It’s an all-in-one service that’s simple, affordable and effective.

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