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Lead Generation

Learn how IntellaSphere helps you find and manage leads

How should I choose my Keywords?

Keywords help you look for leads based on terms that people are mentioning online that relate to your business. You can set these up in Settings in IntellaSphere. While picking which keywords you want IntellaSphere to track, be sure to choose very specific words or…

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How do I score and manage my leads?

IntellaSphere gives you powerful CRM tools to find prospects and to track, nurture, and reach out to your leads. Once you have added your Leads you’ll notice that IntellaSphere scores them according to their relevance. Next to the contact name you’ll see either Warm or…

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How can I add my leads to IntellaSphere?

To add leads to your IntellaSphere account, you can either import a CSV file, add connections from your social media profiles (such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram), or enter their information manually.  You can also use our Profile Search (which you can find by…

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Automatic Lead Generation

In the Leads lab you can manage your sales funnel, and automatically find prospects based on keywords related to your business and industry. Get started by setting up Influencers & Leads search keywords: Select Settings on the upper right hand side Select Leads & Influencers…

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How to create Lead Generation Forms

This video will walk you through how to create a Lead Generation, or Contact Us form in the Engage lab. Once you customize your Contact Us form, distribute it through email, your social channels, and in your website with a call to action to drive…

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How do you generate Leads on Social Media?

A lead is someone who may be interested in your business or product, based on their posts on social media, or responses to emails or contact us forms. The following video explains the features of the Leads Lab in IntellaSphere. Key features in the Leads…

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