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IntellaSphere announces its Free, Comprehensive Toolkit to Drive Positive Community Engagement

The free marketing system offers reputation monitoring and improvement capabilities for digital marketers

August 23, 2019 (BELLEVUE, WA) – IntellaSphere has released a Free Edition today, which responds to demand from marketers who want to improve overall marketing efficiency, outreach and community responsiveness.

Through IntellaSphere, users can build their reputations by monitoring and actively responding to social media reactions, brand mentions, keyword relevancy, and tailored feedback. The solution also enables marketers to create and communicate campaigns and easily distribute them across social, web and email channels.

The all-access edition includes the feature set available in all paid plans, though does limit to five social connections such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and your blog. It also restricts outbound emails to 100 per month.

“We discovered that many organizations are struggling with how to respond to the signals received across multiple social channels” said Debby Richman, Chief Marketing Officer at IntellaSphere. “We offer a practical way to listen and respond to people who seem interested in their brands and categories.”

Four Best Practices for Community Management

IntellaSphere offers one place to keep track of and take action when listening to social media inputs, and enables these four best practices.

  • Respond daily to social posts and build an active community of fans
  • Discover all brand mentions and respond to complaints
  • Monitor relevant keywords and adjust your marketing tactics immediately
  • Collect active feedback and increase your Google or Yelp review volumes

SeaSpirits Distillery, A Case Study

SeaSpirits, a Woodinville WA distillery, uncovered growth opportunities while using the IntellaSphere solution. They monitored and discovered rum-related keywords which influenced how their blog content appealed to rum drinkers. Dylan Lockard, IntellaSphere’s account manager, explained that “one rum mixer posting has contributed over 150,000 page views since it peaked on New Years, and it still spikes every weekend.”

“IntellaSphere’s services helped us get amazing traffic by tuning into what our customers really want. They love rum, and when they search for it online, they now find us!” explained Kurt Wettlaufer, CEO of SeaSpirits.

The IntellaSphere Marketing System is now available at

About IntellaSphere: IntellaSphere helps businesses market more effectively using a socially collaborative approach. Our Brand Affinity Marketing System builds brand awareness and recognition with your prospects and strengthens brand loyalty with your customers. It’s an all-in-one service that’s simple, affordable and effective.

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