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Get promos and marketing done with IntellaSphere's engagement templates

Engaging Prospects and Customers

Why is engagement important? “By engaging your prospects on various platforms with the right content, you’re effectively moving them along the sales funnel and getting them closer to becoming paying customers.” @LilachBullock, on IntellaSphere IntellaSphere combines multiple outreach methods in one powerful toolkit. We’ll show…

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Why does the time zone only reflect my browser time?

The time zone for all engagements will always reflect your browser’s time, even if it has been edited for a specific engagement. However when you distribute or share anything with IntellaSphere, it will display the local time zone for recipients. We show dates/times which correctly…

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What are dynamic templates?

Dynamic templates are layouts that you create for communications, which are auto-filled with the information from your engagements when you distribute them.  When you create a dynamic template, you will be given the option to select one of the engagement types. Then, you will be…

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How do I use templates?

Templates allow you to create uniform structures for your emails, messages, and posts which you can reuse to easily apply formatting to the content you create and distribute. You can create templates for emails, text-only messages, and web posts, and select whether you want to…

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How can I manage an event with IntellaSphere?

IntellaSphere includes a comprehensive Event tool, which allows you to appealingly let your customers know about your upcoming events. The tool is pre-configured for over a dozen in-person and virtual event types, making it easy to set up a wide variety of events which best…

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How do IntellaSphere offers work?

Offers are a versatile tool for displaying and distributing a wide range of special deals and promotions to your customers.  When creating an offer, first you select from several common promotion types, such as discounts, free shipping, BOGO, and others. This tailors the structure and…

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