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IntellaSphere's CRM lets you keep in touch with contacts, prospects and customers

What are dynamic lists?

While statics lists are lists that you create manually or import, either by adding existing contacts or importing new ones, dynamic lists are created intelligently by adding and removing contacts that fit a set of criteria you define. This allows you to maintain updated lists…

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How do I use lists?

Lists, inside the Connections (CRM) Lab, allow you to organize and manage your social connections, contacts, customers, and leads, making it easy to send engagements and communications to specific groups/lists to different target segments (prospects, customers, etc.). Lists are separated by communication medium: you can…

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Does the CRM support custom fields?

Yes! Whether you want to keep track of your customers’ favorite cat breeds, go-to coffee orders, or the makes/models of their vacuum cleaners, you can create custom fields to fit all of your needs.  To add a custom field, navigate to Settings > Connections >…

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Can I migrate to IntellaSphere from a different CRM?

Since every major CRM service supports CSV exports, it is easy to migrate. Simply follow your current service’s steps to download a CSV of your contacts, then head to IntellaSphere’s Connections lab, click the “Create” button and select “Import Connections.” Unsure on how to import…

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Does the CRM include social media connections?

Yes! Our CRM automatically adds your social media connections from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube. IntellaSphere is your one-stop solution for seeing everyone your business is connected to and leveraging your networks across channels.

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How do I import my existing connections?

This video will teach you how to import your contacts in IntellaSphere. Importing your connections is easy, just follow these steps, and you will be up and running in no time! 1. Get a CSV file of the contacts you want to add to IntellaSphere.…

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