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Content Marketing

How content marketing gets done through IntellaSphere

Social Media Marketing

Get a jump start on your social media marketing with IntellaSphere. We’ve got you covered from the basics to best practices! Social media marketing is about more than just gaining followers. Your commitment to Content Marketing becomes relevant to followers who not only engage but…

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Posting Failure Notifications

If one of your social posts fails to publish or go live, you’ll receive a “Failure Notification” message in your email from IntellaSphere. The notification will let you know the reason why you’re post failed, for instance not owning rights to a URL and changing…

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How do I grow my social following?

If you’re trying to grow your follower counts, the IntellaSphere toolkit offers ways to help you do so — all while building your awareness and reputation. Of course, there’s no way to promise followers to anyone because it takes some effort. Here are steps you…

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How do I use the Content Library?

The Content Library is a convenient tool and a safety net, all wrapped into one! Watch our video below to see how it works. This Library enables you to save all your links, and automatically pulls external links that you included in posts sent through…

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How should I Tweet links to my followers?

When you Tweet a link, or short link, from one of your communications or promos (events, offers, etc.) to Twitter, your followers are often notified. Even though the link may contain an image, the notifications your followers see will still look like this if you…

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How do I generate more interest around my content?

When you create content or a core engagement with IntellaSphere, for example an offer or event, there are things you can do to generate additional interest around your engagement, and build your awareness this way. Let’s say you have set up an exciting event through…

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