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The following video will explain IntellaSphere’s Analytics Lab.

Marketing Guidance and Analytics from IntellaSphere on Vimeo.

In the Analytics Lab, IntellaSphere tracks your ROI and measures the success of your marketing efforts using a variety of reports and recommendations. In the Guidance tab, you can see how you’re doing in regards to your historic data for key metrics, as well as customized recommendations to help you improve. Keep in mind, it will take the system up to 2-3 weeks to gather enough information to accurately evaluate your performance and provide suggestions. For best results, we recommend connecting all of your social channels, Google Analytics, and web trackers.

Until your weekly moving averages are established by the system, the guidance provided will be “best practices” versus being based on your actual marketing performance. During the first 2-3 weeks, the performance meters associated with your Weekly Guidance Report will typically display, “No Data Available” and the bar charts will only display data from your start date.

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